Explore the beauties of my country, Hungary with me. Let me show you Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, the fantastic landscape and the beautiful cities and towns. I can provide you unforgettable experiences

Ever wanted to go on a private tour with your best friends, or see Hungary with your family? Want to take your students to Europe or send your class to Hungary? I can help you, organize everything and be your guide
I can create a tailor-made trip to suit any group, whether it’s large or small. Choose one of my existing itineraries and leave on a departure date of your choice, or speak to me about designing something peculiar and unusual.
I can create itineraries for sporting clubs, culinary groups, universities, photographers, corporate groups, sex-lovers and more.

Let me create something especially for you.

No matter if you are a group planning a trip to my country or you are coming with your family, friends or alone I do my best to be much more than a tour guide for you.

I try to be your travel counsellor, tour operator, escort, entertainer, driver and FRIEND in one.


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