Stay safe in Hungary

Hungary is an excellent travel destination: besides offering very beautiful cities, towns and amazing villages, it is also a safe country. Hungarian people are very warm and welcoming; however, you can always meet some fraudulent people, but this could happen anywhere in the world.
Hungary is really one of the safest countries in the world. Nevertheless, the large number of tourists attracts criminals.

Your biggest concern, when travelling to Hungary, should be the pickpockets and scammers. If you use basic precaution rules, that should minimize the risk of something going wrong.
Watch your baggage and pockets on public transport. There is a danger of pickpockets. Cash and credit cards are favourite targets of thieves. 
Pickpockets are most active on escalators leading down and coming up from the metro, in crowded shops and shopping centres and popular touristy places.
Do not change money in the streets! It’s against the law and you can be easily cheated or finish up with counterfeited money.

Taxi Scams used to mean a big problem but this doesn’t seem to be a problem any longer.
Before the new taxi regulations that came into operation in 2013, several taxi companies were operating in the city charging different tariffsThere were companies that regularly ripped off tourists. This is not the case anymore since licensed taxis (they are yellow and have a sign on the roof) operate with flat rate system. Prices are visibly indicated on the side of the car.
Avoid unmarked cars with only a taxi sign on the roof! 
Travel only with a yellow taxi that has a taxi sign fixed to the roof of the cab, and on the side door of which you can see the name or logo of a reliable taxi company as well as the prices.

Budapest is one of the most interesting capital cities in the world.
Budapest offers diversity, so people with different interests can find something they enjoy and leave the city satisfied.

I have to emphasize that Budapest is a very safe place today, compared to other European cities.
The OVERALL RISK IS LOW. Budapest is among the safest cities in Europe.

Budapest has a reputation as a friendly, safe and secure city that’s welcoming to tourists, but just like any other metropolis, tourists should use caution and common sense and remain aware of their surroundings.

Budapest has a large number of restaurants, bars and clubs. The large majority of them offer good value and service but a part of them is aimed at tourists. Some of these touristy places are simply too expensive: they charge you a lot more for average food and service than you would pay at a less upmarket place.
Some other places are even worse: their main objective is to rip off tourists.
Tips to avoid traps:
Always study the prices on the menu, and make sure you know how much the dish or/and drink costs before you order it. Get out of places that do not indicate the prices on the menu (by law, prices must be clearly indicated).
– Buying drinks to girls. In some bars and clubs, girls may come to you to allure you to buy drinks for them. Politely decline them, otherwise, the staff might surprise you with an exorbitant bill.

Ask me to be your guide during your night programs. It would be a pity if based on these cons you decide not to have a taste of nightlife in Budapest.







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